New Fate Cards art!

Check the Gallery for a first look at the art for the new Fate Cards!

Fate Cards are at the heart of Rule of Power each one introducing new variations on the basic game mechanics. New Fate Cards are continuosly in development so make sure to check out the latest open beta tests!


Welcome to the Rule of Power!

Rule of Power is an exciting, fast-paced game using richly illustrated cards in which you manipulate Men, Elves and forces of Darkness, competing in the ultimate struggle to control the supreme Powers of the universe! The basic rules are easy to learn and memorize but offer endless variation and you'll never get tired of playing it over and over! ********

So if you're into card games and fantastic illustrations join this game players community. We are sure you'll love it as much as we do!

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Where to get Rule of Power


Expansion decks are on the making too:

  • > More World Cards for longer games with more players!
  • > More Fate Cards for thrilling new strategic options!
  • > make sure to check out also the latest
    open beta test cards!
  • Just download them, print them out, add them to your Fate Deck for a few games and post your feedback!

You'll love the Rule of Power
bacause it has it all:

  • > exciting, fast-paced gameplay!
  • > Magnificently illustrated cards!
  • > two, four or even more players!
  • > easy to learn and memorize rules!
  • > Customizable strategic deck!
  • > endless variableS: you'll never get tired of playing it over and over!

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Did you know?

The basic game mechanics are derived from an ancient Italian game which is also the basis of many traditional card games including Scopa and Cassino.

Rule of Power is generally played by two players or by two teams of two players, but it can be played also by 3, 5, 6 or even more players!

Most of the illustrations used for Rule of Power were originally created as book covers!