About Us - The people behind Rule of Power
Spending all your evenings playing RoP? Meet the culprits:
Valentina Zanetello

Valentina Zanetello

Valentina is an amazingly beautiful girl who works full time as social worker's coordinator and study for her third college degree while raising two wonderful kids and yet she still somehow manages to find the time to play Rule of Power...



Oliviero BerniOliviero Berni

Born in Milan (Italy) he attended the prestigious Art School at Castello Sforzesco and then Brera in Milan. In the early sixties he begins his career as a profesional painter while at the same time developing his interest in the most various visual arts.Since then he has been holding exhibitions and collaborating with the most important Publishers in US and Europe. He now dedicates himself exclusively to Fine Art.

Claudio Berni Claudio Berni

Has worked as an illustrator with graphic studios and publishing companies since high school. Has trained extensively in painting with his father Oliviero in Milan. In 1995 moved to the UK to work on various PC game titles. Since the year 2003 runs the small games company that publish Rule of Power: Baueda Wargames

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Rule of Power

is published by Baueda Wargames!

Oliviero Berni Website

Where you can adnire samples of his amazing Still Life and more of his Fine Art!


The almost secretive original web nest of Claudio Berni, established 1994 and very seldom updated since! :)